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New Local Customer Special Offer

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FREE Hewlett-Packard printer
The Cartridge Family wants to earn your trust. Here's our special offer to new customers:


Try our cartridge for 30 days. If you are not fully satisfied, you will not be billed! If you are satisfied, upon buying a 10th cartridge, we'll supply it installed in a refurbished Hewlett-Packard 4050, 4100, or 4200 laser printer - you choose the model, and it's yours to keep at no charge!


Your refurbished printer will come to you in excellent condition and a 1-year or 20,000 print warranty, whichever comes first. *This offer and warranty is valid only if your office is within Alachua County, Florida. These are high-end commercial quality HP printers with cartridge yields of 10,000 prints or more.


That is what we are willing to do to gain your trust and your business, so give us a try. If you like us, you'll save a significant amount of your money on printer supplies and receive a free high-end refurbished printer in the bargain.

Call, fax, or email for more details:

Call: 352-332-6495
Fax: 352-333-3315



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