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Money Saving Information

Don't Get Fooled By New "Low Cost" Laser Printers

By Kurt Orwick, The Cartridge Family

Fierce competition has influenced manufacturers to develop lines of low priced, lower-end laser printers. Hewlett-Packard and competitors Lexmark, Brother and Samsung now all offer laser printers starting at under $200 - but there's a big catch. These printers are not built to last and have low cartridge yields, a pricing strategy called "back-end loading." Manufacturers hope buyers will jump on the initial price, and not think about the high cost of printing over time.

Here's a typical example: Compare our High-End Refurb Offer:

1 cent per page

Hewlett-Packard 2035 printer, $300 new
Installed cartridge yield: 1000 pages
Replacement cartridge yield: 2,200 pages
Service Life: about 50,000 copies
1 year warranty from HP


Cost to print 20,800 pages (year one)
Printer cost + 9 $80 HP cartridges = $1,020


Cost to print 19,800 pages (year two)
Nine $80 HP OEM cartridges = $720

Total 2-yr cost for 40,600 pages $1,740


Cost to print 19,800 pages (year three)
Nine $80 HP OEM Cartridges = $720
Service life may end, buy new printer $300

Total 3-yr cost for 60,400 pages $2,760


HP 2035 Features:
Speed: Up to 30 pages per minute
Processor 260 MHz, 16 MB RAM (max)
Resolution 600x600 dpi 1200 effective

1 cent per page

Hewlett-Packard 4250 printer, $495 refurb.
Installed cartridge yield: 20,000 pages
Replacement cartridge yield: 20,000 pages
Service Life: More than a million copies
1 year warranty from The Cartridge Family

Cost to print 20,000 pages (year one)
Printer cost w/ included cartridge = $495


Cost to print 20,000 pages (year two)
One remanufactured cartridge  = $129

Total 2-yr cost for 40,000 pages $624


Cost to print 20,000 pages (year three)
One remanufactured cartridge  = $129
Printer has many years of life left

Total 3-yr cost for 60,000 pages $753


HP 4250 Features:
Speed: Up to 45 pages per minute
Processor 460 MHz, 48 MB RAM (512 max)
1200x1200 dpi 2400 effective



Note to self:
Buy HP 4250 for only $449 with 1 year Warranty,
Call 352-332-6495 or color wheel email today! : )


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